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Podcast Episode 138: This is Hollie Mateer

Honoured to be joined by our This is Reportage Overall Photographer of the Year for 2023 today: The one and only Hollie Mateer! Not only was Hollie our POTY on our wedding site, but she was also the no.1 UK family photographer on our sister-site, This is Reportage: Family, and we talk about both documentary wedding and family work on today’s episode, including:

the moment she found out she had won Overall Photographer of The Year on TiR,
the story behind her unique ‘Chess’ Reportage Award,
how she captured her ‘Emergency’ Family Award,
why it’s important to not only show the good times when it comes to family photography,
photograping fellow TiR-member Chelsea Cannar’s wedding (and winning a Story Award with it, too!),
how she came to work alongside her husband, the fab Patrick Mateer,
why she loves the food at weddings (both from a hunger and photography perspective),
our Netflix synopsis game,
and so much more…

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Podcast Episode 137: This is Jay Doherty

Awesome to be kicking off 2024 with the one and only Jay Doherty! If you’ve never met or heard from Jay before, you’re in for a treat, as not only is he a fantastic photographer, but he’s also one of the world’s loveliest humans – I don’t think it’s possible to listen to Jay without a huge smile on your face. Jay shares *so* much on the episode today, including:

how skateboarding influenced his wedding photography career,
a certain song he listens to before every wedding,
his personal project called ‘Wedding Grannies’,
the time he got stuck in the toilet at a bride’s house,
creating ‘Learning to Fly’, the wedding photography retreat,
the story behind his motorbike Reportage Award,
why he backs up his images as soon as he can,
becoming a Yoga teacher and the many benefits it can bring,
why he was late to his own wedding,
the importance of work-life balance,
and so much more…

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Photographer of the Year 2023: Hollie Rosa Mateer

So exciting to reveal the This is Reportage Photographer of the Year 2023: Hollie Rosa Mateer! With an incredible 14 Awards won in the year – 8 Reportage Awards & 6 Story Awards – she deservedly sits on top of our just-announced Top 100 Photographers in the World list. Congratulations, Hollie!

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Storyteller of the Year 2023: David Scholes

Excited to reveal the This is Reportage Storyteller of the Year 2023: David Scholes! Amazingly, he’s done it again: This is now the 3rd year in a row that David has been the Storyteller of the Year; a truly incredible feat. With 7 Story Awards won in the year, David sits deservedly on top of our just-revealed Top 25 Storytellers of the Year list. Many congratulations, David!

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Podcast Episode 136: This is Matt Badenoch

So great to chat to the fab Matt Badenoch this week! As well as being one of the UK’s best documentary wedding photographers, Matt is also a brilliant street photographer, and earlier this year launched Street With Matt, teaching his own street photography workshops all around the world. We talk about that on the episode today, along with lots of other things, including:

how street photography can improve your wedding work in so many ways,
why slowing down can make such a difference,
being married to a fellow wedding photographer (and how they chose their own wedding tog),
how to improve your Dobble skills,
the story behind one of his specific Reportage Awards,
tips on capturing proposals,
why a feature on his ‘About me’ page can lead to conversation,
why he doesn’t ‘hide’ on the street, and the importance of smiling,
and so much more…

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