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Podcast Episode 113: This is Martin Beddall

An honour to talk to the fantastic Martin Beddall for episode 113 of the Podcast this week! One of the best documentary wedding photographers in the UK, Martin has been in our Top 100 Photographers Worldwide for the past three years in a row on TiR, and has racked up 15 Awards from us over that time. He shares so much on the episode today, including:

his background in photojournalism and working for The Times,
photographing Margaret Thatcher,
shooting his first all-digital wedding 20 years ago back in 2002,
why patience is key,
staying true to yourself and attracting the clients who want you,
the story behind one of his specific Reportage Awards,
and much more…

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Podcast Episode 112: This is Marieke Zentjens

Loved chatting to the fab Marieke Zentjens for episode 112 of the Podcast! Based in the Netherlands, Marieke is a brilliant documentary photographer, and was 35th in the world on This is Reportage: Family for 2020, where she has won 7 Reportage Family Awards. She shares so much in the episode today, including:

why day in the life sessions and shorter sessions are both important to capture,
some very funny – and a bit awkward! – moments from her photography career,
her photography journey and discovery of documentary family photography as a genre,
our Netflix synopsis game,
the story behind one of her specific Reportage Family Awards,
lots of inspiring advice on how to improve your work,
and much more…

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Podcast Episode 111: This is Matt Parry

Super to chat to the very talented Matt Parry for episode 111 of the Podcast! Matt was 4th in the UK on TiR for 2021, and 18th in the World, with an overall haul of 12 Reportage Awards and 3 Story Awards won so far. He delves into lots of different subjects on the episode today, including:

identifying a muse, and the ‘naughty table’ at weddings,
how he captured his dog-peeing-on-the-top-table Reportage Award,
why he shoots with three cameras,
the importance of people skills,
not taking long breaks so he’s always on the ball,
pre-empting and being aware,
and much more…

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Podcast Episode 110: This is Nina Trillenberg

Delighted to chat to the fab Nina Trillenberg for episode 110 of the Podcast! Nina is originally from Germany, but is now based in China, and her move is something we talk about on the episode today, as well as many other things. She is a brilliant documentary family photographer, having won 5 individual and 3 story awards from us, and was in our Top 30 Family Photographers Worldwide for 2021 on This is Reportage: Family. Tune in today, as Nina talks about:

her family’s move from Germany to China, and how that led in part to her love of documentary family photography,
behind the scenes of two of her Family Story Awards (both of which contain specific themes),
our Netflix synopsis game,
how she captured one of her specific Reportage Family Awards (which is a bit of a personal favourite of mine),
Chinese and German food,
the warmth of the photography community,
and much more…

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Podcast Episode 109: This is Janina Brocklesby

It’s always a delight to talk to the fab Janina Brocklesby, so it was just awesome to have her on the Podcast this week! Based in the UK, Janina is a multiple Reportage and Story Award winner, and as well as being a very talented photographer, is just a lovely, lovely person – if you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting her, I’m sure you would agree. Janina shares so much in the episode, including:

deciding to make a big change in her life to do something she loves,
what makes a good wedding photographer,
why she enjoys shooting as a duo,
cooking and her dislike for chocolate,
conferences, networking, and the importance of continuing to learn,
and much more…

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